Custom Web Development

For Small & Medium Sized Businesses
responsive web design

· Essentials ·


Business Essentials

  • We work one-on-one with you
  • We learn your business
  • We understand your market
  • We work within budget
  • We provide the optimal solution

Design & Development

  • Mobile first, screen size adaptive
  • Attract & Keep site visitors
  • Designed to Reflect your business
  • Stand out amongst competitors
  • Modern & robust technology

Performance & Quality

  • Safe, Secure & Error Free
  • Essential SEO
  • Third-Party Testing & Validation
  • Webmaster & Analytics
  • On-going updates
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“We work one-on-one with small & medium businesses to provide a custom website designed specifically to reflect who you are, what you do and what your customers want. The result will be a safe, modern, responsive, effective, fast and error free experience for your website visitors.”

Iain Wilson, Founder of Lauris Web Development

Web Page Content Editor

Easily edit your site content from your phone or desktop.

Add or delete items & sections, change descriptions, update prices.

Updates your website instantaneously.

Works WITHOUT WordPress, website editing or hosting login.

Ideal for restaurant menus, bar menus, price lists & product details.

Add Content Editing to your existing website.

Include in your new custom designed and developed site.

· Portfolio ·

Therapy & Counseling Clinic

Child & Family Therapeutic Systems
Child & Family Therapeutic Systems

Designed to provide a calming and soothing experience, the site has subtle styling, animations & colors while providing easy navigation and quick access to key information for the user.

This comprehensive webite includes information for multiple business locations, therapist profiles, service descriptions, blog / article pages and news releases

Users are guided to quickly find their nearest location and then see what therapists are avialable there.

Family Owned Farm

Moonshine acres
Moonshine Acres

The focus of this site is on highlighting the meat & produce products and providing the user easy access to purchasing information along with shopping cart integration.

Small Business Website I

The Parts Place
The Parts Place

Sometimes all that is needed is a single page for your business website. There's no point in spreading information over multiple pages, that just makes is harder for users find what they are looking for.

Small Business Website II

Small business website
Mick's Restoration

This site was deisgned to reflect the personality of the business owner. It contains some lively animations as well as interesting background information on his career.

Medium Sized Business

Medium sized business website
Neighborhood Pro Builders

It was critical to this client that the key information points were displayed on their site landing pages. They wanted users to instantly see what they do, how to contact them, their certifications, where they operate, their experience and professionalism.

Design Template I

Comprehensive website template
All the Bells & Whistles

This template shows off modern animations, effects and styling techniques than can be incorporated into your design. All of the elements have examples of these for you to explore.

Design Template II

Contemporary & Elegant website template
Contemporary & Elegant

This design conveys a luxury style by incorporating bold but balanced colors & typography along with high quality graphics and images. The site also shows off responsive design that automatically adapts to any screen size.

Design Template III

Bold, bright and modern website template
Bold, Bright & Modern

This design is targeted to a younger audience. Styling elements are designed to be similar to typical social media sites